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A huge week of new releases from Wollongong artists

Jeb Taylor

It has been a massive last week or so of new releases from artists based in or originating from our local area so our Hits From The Gong playlist has had a big update.

Heading it is Hockey Dad with their brand new single 'Still Have Room', and the latest single from their Farmer & The Owl label mates Charbel 'Runboy' which dropped today.

There has also been new singles from Wollongong singer/songwriter stalwart's Obscura Hail and Jack R Reilly, while Hellcat Speedracer who recently signed to Island Record have abrind new single out as well.

One of the best new bands to emerge out of the local scene in recent times The Sweaty Bettys have released their second single while Canberra originating but now Wollongong based Sesame Girl have just released another great slice of dreamy pop.

There has also been recent releases from Surely Shirley and Satin Cali that make an appearance in the list. See our full Hits From The Gong playlist below.


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