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Leah Senior

The Passing Scene (PRE-ORDER)

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Official release date: 3/07/2020

Flightless folk diviner Leah Senior returns with third album, The Passing Scene.


Senior silences audiences with unique lyricism and a voice that calls effortlessly from another era, the music paying homage to 1960s folk and pop acts with fragile but nimble vocal melodies and prose-like lyricism.


A chance late-night encounter with King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard saw Leah Senior joining their independent label Flightless to release her first two albums Summer’s On The Ground and Pretty Faces to critical and audience acclaim.


Previous singles Evergreen and With or Without Me have served as joyous overtures to an album that journeys between melancholic folk and lighthearted whimsy; a joyous tapestry of 60s-inspired pop, swinging with jangly guitars and honky-tonk pianos.




  1. Evergreen
  2. With or Without Me
  3. Graves
  4. Dress Up A Heart
  5. The Passing Scene
  6. Bug In A Bath
  7. Dreary Day
  8. Ocean Quilt Lady
  9. There's No Fish
  10. Jesus Turned Into A Bird
  11. Time Traveller

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