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Record Stores Of The World #4 : Barcelona

Jeb Taylor

After a week or so trekking across Spain and Portugal I find myself in Barcelona for the Primavera Sound Festival and the related Primavera Pro conference. The schedule for all of this is fairly packed so I don't have a huge amount of time to sample record stores of the city but I do manage to drag myself out of bed early enough on one of the days (a difficult task when the fest runs well into the AM) to at least spend a good few hours seeing what Barcelona had to offer. Luckily when I plug in a number of the addresses into my phone, I notice that a lot of record stores reside in a fairly small radius.

Revolver Records

Revolver Records is the first stop, it has a mix of new and second hand vinyl, the heavier/rock side of things is pretty strong, the prices are pretty standard, the vibe is good good, it feels like a lot of the customers digging through all know each other and the employees. Next up, literally only 10 metres away is the similarly name Discos Revolver. This is the best record store I've found on my current trip. First up is a huge vinyl section featuring all the artists that are playing Primavera, there is not much missing from this at all. As you pass down past various other genre sections of records that already give the place an impressive feel, I then I discover the stairs to a whole new level. There is loads of great stuff, with big sections of indie/garage/psych and many more, there are not many records I can't find.

Discos Revolver

Discos Paradiso is next up, leaning towards electronic and dance music, there is still plenty of other finds hidden among the racks here, I actually spent quite a bit of my limited time here going through some interesting second hand records. Daily Records is really solid for second hand vinyl if you're prepared to dig through, I was running out of time but I did spy some decent records at pretty good prices. Discos Impacto is my final stop in this little section of Barcelona, the shop is pretty well stocked and priced, it has a lot of classics and also houses a lot of band merch, something not many of the other stores around here have.

Discos Paradiso

Before I wrap up my Record Stores of Barcelona feature, I should also mention that Primavera also hosted a range of pop up record shops from various labels as well as the iconic Rough Trade Store. I did some quick browsing across them and while many of them were just featuring artists on the line up, there were a few more localised stores that did stock a bunch of other releases but there was so much else going on and carrying vinyl purchases around a festival site is not ideal so I don't dig to deep.

Barcelona was the final stop on this trip but there are plenty more vinyl hotspots coming up in the future.

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