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Releases October 4th 2023

Drift, the emerging alternative rock ensemble from Wollongong, unveils their highly anticipated EP titled "Candyland." This powerful collection of songs serves as a poignant metaphor for navigating the complexities of mental health, particularly focusing on depression and anxiety.

Candyland encapsulates a metaphorical landscape that represents the allure and danger of indulging in unhealthy patterns. Just as consuming too much candy can lead to adverse effects, immersing oneself in a façade of sweetness can have dire consequences. The EP delves deep into the struggles of mental health, acknowledging the darkness that can surround us while striving to find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Lead vocalist Callum McCombie shares, "The songs on 'Candyland' were written during a time of despair, reflecting my personal battles with depression and anxiety. Crafting this EP became my way of dealing with the turmoil within me. The metaphor of Candyland perfectly captures the duality of my experiences—sweet yet toxic, attractive yet destructive."
Each track on the EP offers a distinct perspective on the journey through emotional turbulence:

I Want You Dead: The EP begins with an uplifting and defiant tone, personifying dark thoughts and taking control over them, symbolising the fight against negativity.
Go Away: This track explores the rollercoaster of emotions during traumatic events, capturing the stages of shock, transformation, and grief in its powerful progression.
Begin: Dealing with heartbreak and seeking a fresh start, "Begin" encapsulates the desire to overcome adversity and find a new beginning amidst the struggles.
Burden: Taking a bold stance against toxic masculinity, "Burden" sheds light on the gut-wrenching impact of harmful behaviours while emphasising the need for change.
All Its Day: This song delves into the aftermath of trauma, depicting vulnerability and the journey towards healing and recovery.
All Away: A raw, intimate recording that emerged as a product of personal turmoil, "All Away" is a cathartic release of emotions, capturing the essence of reaching rock bottom.

Candyland encapsulates an emotional spectrum that resonates with listeners, creating a safe space for open conversations about mental health. Drift's EP encourages people to reach out, share their experiences, and seek support from loved ones.

Drift, known for their shoegaze and emo influences, has captured their unique soundscapes through collaborating with producer and engineer Chris Peruch. Their music seamlessly weaves jangly guitar layers with captivating vocals, offering a powerful and moving experience reminiscent of bands like My Bloody Valentine, DIIV, and Fiddlehead.

To celebrate the release of the EP, Drift will head on an Australian tour in October / November hitting Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne & Hometown Wollongong presented by Dickies, Young Henrys, & Backbone Music Group. With a growing reputation for captivating live performances, Drift promises an unforgettable experience that resonates with their fans.

Candyland is out on Wednesday 4th of October.

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