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Two Shoes
cat empire

Two Shoes

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1. Sly
2. In My Pocket
3. Lullaby
4. The Car Song
5. Two Shoes
6. Miserere
7. Sol Y Sombra
8. Party Started
9. Protons, Neutrons, Electrons
10. Saltwater
11.The Night That Never End


Released: 2005 Producer: Jerry Boys, Felix Riebl & The Cat Empire In the early years, and after their first major release (The Cat Empire, 2003), the band found themselves, more often than not, being reduced to a series of slashes. The jazz/reggae/funk/latin/gypsy/hip hop tag grew longer and longer, but it was an apt description. The band would jump from one genre to the next, many times within a single song, it didn’t matter what it was, as long as people were dancing. For over a decade now, and through various recordings, The Cat Empire have carved themselves out a unique place in the musical firmament, as a band with no guitars, with no easily definable style and no corresponding haircut, but a band that can step onto any stage in the world and make the crowd move. More than move, in fact. Make the crowd lose themselves in a frenzy. But the question of what to call their music is as difficult to answer today as it was ten years ago. The long line of slashes just doesn’t cut it anymore, and the music has grown out of its ‘multi-genre’ concept into something wilder, a spontaneous explosion of melody and rhythm that contains many flavours, but is undeniably a new country.

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