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Caught In The Act

Caught In The Act

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In a world craving transparency,  Didirri captivates with his magnetic charisma and honest approach to songwriting. Caught In The Act is the alternative artist's much awaited and anticipated debut album, which takes fans on a moving journey across eleven exquisite new tracks, including the singles ‘Begin Again’, ‘Obsolete Machine’ and  ‘You Know What’s Good For You’.

Didirri openly explores subjects, questions and themes we are encouraged to avoid. Holding true to his mission to make music for 'lovers and over thinkers', Didirri’s uninhibited lyrics tug at raw nerves, while his charming melodies soothe hearts and minds.

"Caught In The Act is a labour of love from the lockdown periods in Australia. I have put so much of myself into these songs and really dedicated my heart to this album." - Didirri

Standard 140g Single Red Vinyl

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