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Chaos Horrific
Cannibal Corpse

Chaos Horrific

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Chaos Horrific is Cannibal Corpse at their best, doing what only they do with the ferocity, grit, and heaviness that have made them the powerhouse that they are. Everyone brings their a-game on this album. Just listen to the bass in the intro of Overlords of Violence.


  1. Overlords Of Violence
  2. Frenzied Feeding
  3. Summoned For Sacrifice
  4. Blood Blind
  5. Vengeful Invasion
  6. Chaos Horrific
  7. Fracture And Refracture
  8. Pitchfork Impalement
  9. PestilentialRictus
  10. Drain You Empty


Released - 22 September 2023

Label - Metal Blade Records

Genre - Rock, Death Metal 

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