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Vallis Alps


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Vallis Alps today enthusiastically announce their debut album, Cleave

The album includes previously released singles 'Set It Off, Set It Right', 'On The Eve Of The Rush' and 'Higher Than This', along 9 other unreleased tracks. In its most distilled form, Cleave reflects upon the acts of cleaving throughout Parisa Tossif and David Ansari’s individual journeys.

A defining statement of evolution, the album dissects the desperation of life at its most turbulent, where severance gives way to strength. Depicting the divides of life in all its distinct and emotional stages from family to vocation, migration and just plain living, Cleave highlights the two halves of Vallis Alps, capable of flourishing alongside one another no matter how different they may be at their core. A reflection of their friendship and siblinghood, closer than ever before.

1 x 12" Black Vinyl LP [Slip Sleeve w/ Download Card]


  1. Set It Off, Set It Right
  2. On The Eve Of The Rush
  3. Turn It Around 
  4. Ephemera 
  5. For Once
  6. Start Again
  7. I'm On My Way 
  8. Everything, All You See 
  9. Higher Than This 
  10. You & I 
  11. All The Worlds 
  12. On Highways (aug 4)

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