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Collected Verses

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Releases August 19th 2022.

Finally! All of TISM’s Top Forty HITS plus the other 23 songs released as A Sides collected in the one place!

Side One

1. Defecate On My Face, 2. 40 Years – Then Death, 3. The Ballad Of John Bonham’s
Coke Roadie, 4. I’m Interested In Apathy, 5. Saturday Night Palsy, 6. Martin Scorsese Is Really Quite A Jovial Fellow

Side Two

1. I Don’t Want TISM, I Want A Girlfriend, 2. I’ll Ave Ya, 3. The History Of Western
Civilisation, 4. Let’s Form A Company, 5. Shut Up, The Footy’s On The Radio, 6. For Those About To Rock

Side Three

1. (He’ll Never Be An) ‘Ol Man River, 2. Greg! The Stop Sign!!, 3. Jung Talent Time, 4.
Garbage, 5. All Homeboys Are Dickheads, 6. Yob

Side Four

1. Whatareya?, 2. Thunderbirds Are Coming Out, 3. I Might Be A C***, But I’m Not A
F****** C*** 4. If You’re Not Famous At Fourteen, You’re Finished, 5. Honk If You Love Fred Durst, 6. Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me

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