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End Of The Day (music from the film Anonymous Club)
courtney barnett

End Of The Day (music from the film Anonymous Club)

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Comprising 17 seamless improvisations which were originally created as part of score to the documentary 'Anonymous Club', 'End Of The Day' is a meditative, slow-burning and beautiful record, prioritising atmosphere, tone and texture over traditional song structures and melodic hooks. It's a fearless and stunning turn for an artist who built her formidable reputation through profound lyricism and riff-based fireworks.


  1. Start Somewhere
  2. Life Balance
  3. First Slow
  4. A To B
  5. (Electricity)
  6. Two Circles Reflecting
  7. End Of The Day
  8. Floating Down
  9. Spring Ascends
  10. Intro
  11. B To C
  12. Like Water
  13. Gold Room
  14. Sun Through
  15. River
  16. Get On With It
  17. Eternity Repeat

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