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Flying Microtonal Banana
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

Flying Microtonal Banana

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1. Rattlesnake
2. Melting
3. Open Water
4. Sleep Drifter
5. Billabong Vallely
6. Anoxia
7. Doom City
8. Nuclear Fusion
9. Flying Microtonal Banana

The Melbourne-based band plan to release five studio albums in 2017, an ambitious feat as each record will be its own unique sonic adventure. Flying Microtonal Banana is King Gizzard’s first-ever experience in microtonal tuning, which features intervals smaller than a semitone and not found in customary Western tuning octaves.
Originally released: Feburary 2017
Producer: Stu Mackenzie
Band members: Ambrose Kenny-Smith, Cook Craig, Eric Moore, Joe Walker, Lucas Skinner, Michael Cavanagh and Stu Mackenzie
Record Label: ATO/Flightless Records

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