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Half Divorced
Pissed Jeans

Half Divorced

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Pissed Jeans has never been a band that goes halfway—they’re known for their feral vocals, biting lyrics, buzzsaw guitars, and unhinged live shows, and their sixth album, Half-Divorced is no exception. These songs skewer the tension between youthful optimism and the sobering realities of adulthood, and when viewed through frontman Matt Korvette’s scowl, everything takes on a level of violent absurdity.

Pissed Jeans’ notorious acerbic sense of humor remains sharper than ever as they dismember some of the joys that contemporary adult life has to offer, from helicopter parents to stolen catalytic converters to being $62,000 in debt. On “Seatbelt Alarm Silencer,” Korvette growls, “Call it a death drive but that ain’t fair / Drive implies I’m headed somewhere.”

So where does a band like Pissed Jeans go after nearly twenty years of making music, after becoming fathers, after marriages, and after divorces? Existence has festered to a boiling point. Korvette said, “Half-Divorced has an aggression within it, in terms of saying, I don’t want this reality. There’s a power in being able to say, I realize you want me to pay attention to these things, but I’m telling you that they don’t matter. I’m already looking elsewhere.”


  1. Killing All The Wrong People
  2. Anti-Sapio
  3. Helicopter Parent
  4. Cling To A Poisoned Dream
  5. Sixty-Two Thousand Dollars In Debt
  6. Everywhere Is Bad
  7. Junktime
  8. Alive With Hate
  9. Seatbelt Alarm Silencer
  10. Stolen) Catalytic Converter
  11. Monsters
  12. Moving On


Released - 1 March 2024

Label - Sub Pop

Genre - Rock, Punk, Hardcore

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