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Machaivelli and the Four seasons

Machaivelli and the Four seasons

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Machiavelli and the Four Seasons is the third studio album by the Australian rock group TISM. It was released on 4 May 1995.


  1. (He'll Never Be An) Ol' Man River
  2. All Homeboys Are Dickheads 
  3. Garbage 
  4. Lose Your Delusion II 
  5. !UOY Sevol Natas 
  6. What Nationality Is Les Murray? 
  7. Greg! The Stop Sign!! 
  8. Play Mistral For Me 
  9. How Do I Love Thee? 
  10. Jung Talent Time 
  11. Aussiemandias 
  12. Give Up For Australia 
  13. (silence) 
  14. Philip Glass's Arse

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