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Made in China
UV Race

Made in China

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Hard to believe it’s been seven years since we last heard from this cru but ‘Made in China’ is the kind of glorious racket we were all waiting for. 

 Life, millions of projects and tambourine intensives may come and go but Georgia, Snake, Moses and DX sure as hell haven’t lost any of their muscle on sabbatical and are still fighting the good fight - riff after riff sounds as fresh and classic as ever and cements the bands status in the current lexicon. 

 New additions Tommy Testicles and Latex Lori (I’m going to assume these nicknames are affectionate) ain’t no slouches either and that extra layer of synthesis propels the group to new sonic heights. 

 Primary vocalist Marcus Rechsteiner is as on point as always - running the gamut of the Freudian psyche with the nuance of a pro wrestler. Someone get me to an exorcist. 

 Bonus points for JR Streicher’s inimitable interpretation of Shane Warne’s backyard mural, Centrelink lyric sheet translated by Caitlin Mason, Moses’ long awaited vocal debut and “includes free download of entire album” sticker on sleeve so you know you’re not just taking this baby home. 

Turn off your mind and bathe in UV Know. 

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