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Never Leave Town - Live in Sydney
Bluebottle Kiss

Never Leave Town - Live in Sydney

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October 20, 2022 - Ben deHoedt put out the call for help on the Sound As Ever Facebook group. He was heading to Sydney to capture Bluebottle Kiss' reunion show at the Crowbar. Earlier that month, he filmed the Melbourne show but technical issues compromised the audio. Sydneysider Daniel Arena responded, providing the wizardry to capture multitrack audio, and with live engineering by Tim Whitten and Lewis Baraliakos, Ben was able to complete a live document in HD.

Love As Fiction Records jointly with Ben deHoedt and Bluebottle Kiss proudly unveils the upcoming double vinyl album of the show by Bluebottle Kiss “Never Leave Town – Live in Sydney”. This marks the first live album for the label and the band, and their first "new" recording since 2007.

The show was part of Bluebottle Kiss’ reunion tour of Australia, following the reissues of their album “Patient” and EP “Somnambulist Homesick Blues” in the same year. It showcases the band's extensive back catalogue, playing in peak form in their hometown with the 4-piece lineup of Jamie Hutchings, Ben Fletcher, Ben Grounds and Richard Coneliano.

Filmmaker and Bluebottle Kiss fan Ben deHoedt has painstakingly edited the concert movie, mixed the album from the live multitracks and created a beautiful gatefold cover using film stills from the night and BW photographs from Jared Harrison.

As a result, fans can re-live the concert with the forthcoming vinyl release + digital download and video streaming. There will also be live screenings of the show upon release at selected cinemas in Australia.


  1. Give Up The Ghost
  2. Smother It In Honey
  3. Six Wheels
  4. Maps To Help You Lose Your Way
  5. Generic Teen
  6. Ounce Of Your Cruelty
  7. Autumn Comes Too Soon
  8. Return to The City of Folded Arms
  9. Homeless Blueless
  10. Outside Are The Dogs
  11. Last Cinema
  12. Running Around The White Picket Fence
  13. Prussian Blue
  14. Gangsterland
  15. Hasten The Blows
  16. Boredom You Are Breaking My Heart 


Released - 17 May 2024

Label -  Love As Fiction Records

Genre - Rock, Indie Rock, Post Punk

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