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sonic youth


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1. 100%
2. Swimsuit Issue
3. Theresa's Sound-World
4. Drunken Butterfly
5. Shoot
6. Wish Fulfillment
7. Sugar Kane
8. Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit
9. Youth Against Fascism
10. Nic Fit
11. On the Strip
12. Chapel Hill
13. JC
14. Purr
15. Créme Brûlèe

Band members: Thurston Moore (vocals, guitar, production, mixing), Kim Gordon (bass, vocals, guitar, production, mixing), Lee Ranaldo (guitar, vocals, production, mixing), Steve Shelley (drums, production, mixing). Original release: 1992 Recorded: 1992 at The Magic Shop and Sear Sound, New York Producer: Butch Vig, Sonic Youth

4LP Box Set

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