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Studio One Disco Mix
Various Artists

Studio One Disco Mix

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Studio One's music in the 1970s took the label to new heights. The new style of disco mix brought many areas of reggae together: roots, lovers, disco and dub, all came together in extended form, re-versioning classic hits, experimenting with new studio technology, over-dubbing, syn-drums and more producing.

This 'Studio One Disco Mix' album includes many sought-after classic tunes only ever released in very small quantities, many of which had been unavailable since their original release.


[Artist - Song Title]

  1. Lloyd & Devon – Push Push    
  2. Judah Eskender Tafari – Rastafari Tell You    
  3. Doreen Shaffer – Ain't Gonna Change My Mind    
  4. Dub Specialist – Lagos    
  5. George Allen – Be Wise Brethren    
  6. Jackie Mittoo – Night In Ethiopia    
  7. George Dudley – Gates Of Zion    
  8. The Silvertones – Come Forward    
  9. Willie Williams – Armagideon Time    
  10. Norma White & Brentford Disco Set – I Want Your Love    
  11. The Ethiopian – Muddy Water    
  12. Alton Ellis – You Make Me Happy    
  13. Winston Francis, Jackie Mittoo & Brentford Rockers – Going To Zion    


Released - 11 December 2004

Label - Soul Jazz Records

Genre - Reggae, Soul, Funk, Disco

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