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Taken By Force

Taken By Force

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Out Feb 10th.

Melbourne-based five-piece Civic - Jim McCullough (vocals), Lewis Hodgson (guitar), Roland Hlavka (bass), Jackson Harry (guitar) & Matt Blach (drums) - return with their visceral new full-length studio album “Taken By Force”, that was recorded in the Castlemaine countryside with Radio Birdman-frontman Rob Younger producing and was mixed and mastered by Mikey Young. “Taken By Force” is Civic’s follow up to their critically acclaimed 2021 debut full-length “Future Forecast”; a collection of songs that showcased the band’s frenetic yet jangly melodic sound coupled with introspective lyrics. The new album picks up where their debut left off, seeing Civic joyfully obliterate the line between furious catharsis and unbridled fun. It’s an album the band aptly sums up as ‘1984 meets The Endless Summer’. Civic have reimagined the reckless intensity of proto-punk for an era of endless uncertainty to become one of the most exhilarating bands to emerge in recent years. Originally formed in 2017, Civic released their debut-EP “New Vietnam” in 2018 and were quickly crowned as ‘Melbourne’s New Kings Of Wild Rock And Roll’ by Vice and Stereogum described their sound as ‘an unholy lo-fi pile-up of punky and noisy garage rock’. Now Civic are back with “Taken By Force”; an immersive and emotionally arresting body of work that the band hopes will leave listeners with the same revelatory sensation they found in discovering the music that’s shaped them.

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