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The Age of Quarrel

The Age of Quarrel

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The Age of Quarrel is the 1986 release by New York punk hardcore band Cro-Mags. Pressed on multi-color smoke cloud vinyl.


  1. We Gotta Know 
  2. World Peace 
  3. Show You No Mercy 
  4. Malfunction 
  5. Street Justice 
  6. Survival Of The Streets 
  7. Seekers Of The Truth 
  8. It's The Limit 
  9. Hard Times 
  10. By Myself 
  11. Don't Tread On Me 
  12. Face The Facts 
  13. Do Unto Others 
  14. Life Of My Own 
  15. Signs Of The Times


Released - September 1986

Label - Profile Records, Rock Hotel Records

Genre - Rock, Hardcore

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