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Lunar Mountain Sunrise : 20th Anniversary Edition

Lunar Mountain Sunrise : 20th Anniversary Edition

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Limited to 300 copies (150 black/150 Orange & Blue Splatter)

Gatefold cover featuring new artwork. 180 gram vinyl.

First time ever on vinyl.

In the late nineties Wollongong had began to develop a strong fuzzy guitar rock underground inspired by the successes earlier that decade from Tumbleweed. At the forefront of the movement were four guys taking influence from the likes of Hawkwind and Blue Cheer to create their own brand of heavy psychedelic rock. The band were Thumlock.

After self-releasing their debut EP ‘Dripping Silver Heat’, it was their epic second six track release ‘Lunar Mountain Sunrise’ that propelled the band to wider audiences. The first release on the newly formed local label High Beam Music, the lead track ‘Starquake’ became a staple of Triple J’s heavy music show at the time and gained the band a cult international following.

“I was floored! This was amazing, a classic rock maturity from a new Australian band!” states Andrew Mackenzie, who first heard the band via a workmate playing him the ep and would later become a partner in the High Beam label, playing a part in their following two releases.

With high praise for the release coming in across the global ‘stoner rock’ underground, the band toured regularly throughout Australia, but never got the chance to tour internationally despite plenty of international tour offers. 1999 was a different time for music with physical product sales crashing it meant being on a small label made it hard to get four band members across to Europe.

As touched on, 1999 was also a time where physical music sales were crashing and therefore ‘Lunar Mountain Sunrise’ was only ever released on CD, never getting the vinyl release it deserved. Now, twenty years on we’re pleased to finally make it available on vinyl for the first time. Pressed on high quality 180 gram vinyl and housed in a deluxe gatefold cover with brand new artwork, the release is limited to just 300 copies worldwide.

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