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Time Wounds All Heels
Powder Monkeys

Time Wounds All Heels

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Finally seeing the light of day again, a remastered vinyl edition of the Powder Monkeys' classic album from 1995.

Originally released on Dog Meat Records and comprising the powertrio lineup of Tim Hemensley, TJ Ray and John Nolan, the band at this point were an absolutely unstoppable force, a powerhouse comparable to the finest moments from the MC5, Motörhead and Black Flag.

Featuring 10 original tracks, this is often considered the group's finest recorded moment, and one which has been out of print in any form for many years.

Powder Monkeys were a natural follow up to Australian legendary band BORED! featuring two of their members from the "Take It Out On You" line up.

The Powder Monkeys were THE band to witness live in Melbourne in the mid to late nineties. Based on gutteral rock first pioneered by Motorhead, the Powder Monkeys were a "take no prisoners" sonic assault troop, who floored plenty of punters with their relentless pounding live shows.


  1. In The Doldrums
  2. Insane Old Game
  3. Turns To Hate
  4. One More War
  5. Wasn't Born Yesterday
  6. Straight Until Morning
  7. The Supernova That Never Quits
  8. Ten Minds
  9. Gotta Push The World Away
  10. 2000 Sins


  1. Conquest
  2. Built For Speed
  3. What Do You Care
  4. 2000 Sins (Alternate Version)

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