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To Mega Therion
Celtic Frost

To Mega Therion

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To Mega Therion is the second and first full-length studio album by Swiss extreme metal band Celtic Frost, released in October 1985 by Noise Records. The cover artwork is a painting by H. R. Giger entitled Satan I. The album was a major influence on the then-developing death metal and black metal genres.


  1. Innocence And Wrath 
  2. The Usurper 
  3. Jewel Throne 
  4. Dawn Of Megiddo 
  5. Eternal Summer 
  6. Circle Of The Tyrants 
  7. (Beyond The) North Winds 
  8. Fainted Eyes 
  9. Tears In A Prophet's Dream 
  10. Necromantical Screams


Released - 27 October 1985

Label - Noise, Banzai Records

Genre - Doom Metal, Thrash, Black Metal, Rock

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