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Too Old Too Cold

Too Old Too Cold

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Darkthrone originally formed in the late 80’s as a thrash/death metal act and progressed through a period technical death and doom metal experimentation to become legends of the black metal world and one of the leading bands of the Norwegian scene.

The ‘Too Old Too Cold’ EP had its original release at the dawn of 2006 and acted as a precursor to the band’s triumphant Peaceville comeback album, the revelatory black and roll release, ‘The Cult is Alive’. As a showcase for this sleek new incarnation of Darkthrone, and with the band firmly back in control of their sound courtesy of their new Necrohell 2 Studio set-up, ‘Too Old Too Cold’ showed that the band was here to stay, and lead the way. Commenting back then, Fenriz defined the shift in style as "probably something like MOTORHEAD meeting HELLHAMMER on a CRUST PUNK/NECROTHRASH gig in '85".

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