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Unreal Earth

Unreal Earth

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Unreal Unearth is the third studio album by Irish musician Hozier, released on 18 August 2023. It contains the singles "Eat Your Young" and "Francesca", along with the song "All Things End".


  1. De Selby (Part 1)
  2. De Selby (Part 2)
  3. First Time
  4. Francesca
  5. I, Carrion (Icarian)
  6. Eat Your Young
  7. Damage Gets Done (featuring Brandi Carlile)
  8. Who We Are
  9. Son of Nyx
  10. All Things End
  11. To Someone from a Warm Climate (Uiscefhuaraithe)
  12. Butchered Tongue
  13. Anything But
  14. Abstract (Psychopomp)
  15. Unknown / Nth
  16. First Light

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