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Phil Jamieson, Satin Cali, Aodhan, Step Panther and more live in Wollongong this week

Jeb Taylor

This Saturday January 27th, Grinspoon frontman Phil Jamieson hits the stage at La La La's for a solo show. You can also head on down to La La La's during Saturday for their Hottest 100 listening party. Also happening on Saturday is a great free show at Dicey Rileys headlined by local singer/songwriter Aodhan.

The following day (Sunday January 28th) we are hosting a free and all ages instore here at Music Farmers with Sesame Girl launching their double vinyl EP, that happens at 3pm and then head across to La La La's for a big Psyched As After Party. Psyched As Forever is happening in Sydney on Saturday as a tribute to Psyched As co-founder Richard ‘Millzy’ Mills who sadly passed away in 2022. We've experienced some of Millzy's great line ups and house shows in the past and he had incredible curation skills. The La La Las event features Step-Panther, Dartz, Forest Hall and Misso.

Also on Sunday over at the North Gong Hotel from 4pm are local rockers Satin Cali, and like every Sunday at North Gong, it's free entry!

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