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Around The World Playlists

Music Farmers

Over the last month Jeb has been posting up playlists featuring artists from specific parts of the world. Here is a recap of the first four.

Around The World : #1 Aotearoa

While we can't travel around the world at the moment, I'm putting together some playlists of music from different parts of the world, kicking it off in NZ.


Around The World #2 : South Australia

To celebrate the fact we welcomed the second Adelaide band to the Farmer & The Owl family last week, Around The World this week celebrates a bunch of my favourite tracks from South Australia.


Around The World #3 : Scandinavia

I’ve always loved the connection between artists and where they are from, and the Nordic countries have always had a really strong musical output. Here are some of my favourite tunes from that part of the world.


Around The World #4 : Europe

This week I've picked a bunch of my favourite artists from the European mainland. Hear tunes from artists from The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, France, Spain and Switzerland.

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