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Isolation Albums : Party Dozen

Jeb Taylor

With a brand new album Pray For Party Dozen just released, Kirsty and Jonathan from Party Dozen are this weeks guests for Isolation Albums. Here are the five albums they have selected to soundtrack their time at home. 

Portishead - Third
Portishead are one of the few bands I think actually sound sexy. Third is my favourite record of theirs and ‘the rip’ is the song I most wish I’d written. It builds so slowly, you kind of don’t even realise how tense it is when it peaks. Sonically, the entire is just such high quality, everything is perfectly placed and there’s no filler.

Iggy Pop - Raw Power
This record is so fun. It’s heavy and rockin’ and also somehow makes you want to have a boogie around the house. I love how rough the production is, and the fact that Iggy Pop recorded everything on, like, three tracks and handed it to David Bowie to somehow mix it. The ideas are so solid though, it doesn’t matter.

Serge Gainsbourg - Historie de Melody Nelson
This record just has the perfect blend of elements. Between the romantic arrangements of Jean-Claude Vannier and the sleazy groove behind that, Serge gives me chills as he whispers into my ear.


Betty Davis - They say I’m different
I grew up thinking funk music was bad because I’d only ever heard dad’s weekend garage jam. This records kicks hard and wether you like funk or not it’s hard to deny Betty sounds tough as hell and there ain’t no way your hips don’t start grinding the second this record starts up.

Alice Coltrane - Huntington Ashram Monastery
This record has such a calmness to it even though technically it’s so noisy and distorted. It get’s a little crazier towards the second half but the whole thing is just a master class in improvisation.

Listen to all the albums in one handy play list below and also check out their new album. You can purchase it in store or on-line.



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