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Loungeroom Listening : Obscura Hail

Jeb Taylor

Everyone has been spending a lot more time in their loungeroom's lately and for music fans that means a lot more listening to records so we've asked a bunch of our favourite artists to put together their top 5 loungeroom records. 

Ahead of the new ep release from Obscura Hail this Friday September 18th via Dot Dash/Remote Control, the Melbourne via Wollongong trio have got us across what has been on their turntable during lockdown.

Iron and Wine: The Creek That Drank The Cradle

One of the best sounding albums in such a narrow stereo field, practically mono, and tape has a character about it that lends itself to the songs. I've returned to this album every month since it was recommended to me back in 2007.

The soft harmonies, the finger picking, the slide guitar licks, and the overall tone inspired me to abandon digital and record straight to tape
for my first self-released album (Mannequins Are People Too, 2009), going as far as covering an Iron And Wine classic for it.

Smog: A River Aint Too Much To Love

My kind of country album. Unconventional, free structured, not so tied to a defined bpm.

It's relaxing and simple, with Bill's near-baritone vocals front and center, singing of passing seasons and his regional lifestyle through tasteful metaphors. Reinforcing lyrics through repetition, supported by instrumentation with as much of a voice as his own. A testament to his entire catalogue as Smog and Bill Callahan.

Kria Brekkan: Wilderling

First mistaken as an early 1900s recording of a child's music lesson, I was hooked by how unrecognisable it was, how alien the arrangements, how raw the recording, and how incomprehensible the lyrics were (and will remain, to preserve the impression).

The perfect lullaby record.

The Roches: The Roches

What can I say? sibling sisters absolutely nailing the rich three part harmonies bordering on barbershop, describing experiences so unique to them with a humorous level of detail. So homely and familiar that they feel like estranged wise Aunties.

Absolutely love the rhythm guitar melodies. Beautifully warm and balanced album. Will always love it.

Jonsi And Alex: Riceboy Sleeps

This album has been my travel companion and fender off of loneliness in my darkest times. A collection of worlds to step into and get lost in.
Vivid and timeless, not about anything, not for anything, made just to keep you company.

Listen these albums in one playlist (unfortunately the Kria Brekkan album is not on Spotify).

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