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Loungeroom Listening : Tropical Strength

Jeb Taylor

Tropical Strength have just dropped a new track 'Sting Song' from the forthcoming Farmer & The Owl Family Values compilation (listen below) so we asked them for their loungeroom listening selections. Have a listen to the five albums they picked.



The Incredible String Band - Wee Tam and the Big Huge

The Incredible String Band are a long time favourite of mine. Wee Tam and The Big Huge was originally recorded as one long album but apparently the record company decided to split it into two. I really like this album for its whimsical lyrics, interesting arrangements and unique take on elements of folk and world music. Perfect lounge room listening.  

The Zombies - Odessey and Oracle

This album is an all time favourite. I would even go as far as to say it’s a perfect album. It combines so many elements that I’m drawn to in music: baroque, sunshine harmonies, innovative production and interesting concepts. I will always come back to this album, it offers me comfort and inspires me at the same time.

Broadcast / The Focus Group - Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age

This is an album I revisit often and have been listening to again recently. It’s a collaboration between Broadcast, one of my favourite bands, and The Focus Group. I think it’s more like a sonic collage. It sounds to me like a soundtrack to an old horror film that has yet to be written. I think that I have found comfort in this album recently because of its ability to transport me to another place.

Molly Nilsson - These Things Take Time

This is a new favourite but not a new album. I like her vocal delivery. It is disinterested yet melodic and melancholy. Fun fact: Molly Nilsson wrote ‘Hey Moon”, the song that John Maus popularised by simply singing over the top of nelsons track and adding a beat.

Wilco - Yankee Foxtrot Hotel

I’ve been smashing this album non-stop since the middle of last year. It’s so sonically creative, and the lyrics are super poetic and charming. I love its ambient back drops and sombre moods. But beware: it is a slow burner. A good way to muscle your way in is through the documentary on the making of the album. Great COVID watching.

Have a listen from start to finish in one playlist:

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