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Grinding Eyes, Chimers, UTI, Strung Out and more live in Wollongong this week

Jeb Taylor

This week's gig of the week is an epic night of psych and heavy sounds at the Servo in Port Kembla. Can You Handle The Acid test features a huge line up headlined by Grinding Eyes and also featuring Chimers, MFV, Shakamoto, Cool Jumper and Crown Street Militia.

Elsewhere around town, the free show of the week happens on Saturday at Dicey Rileys when local punk veterans UTI launch their new album. Speaking of punk veterans at Diceys, US band Strung Out drop by to play there next Thursday.

On Saturday out at Franks Wild Years in Thirroul, it is their 8th Birthday with live music from Shrapnel, The Morning Star, Soda Eaves and more.

If you want something a bit more chill, this Sunday evening at La La Las features Marvell, Joe Mungovan & Smart Casual, while Thursday at the same venue features Birdsville and The Escarpment.

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