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Peel Me Like A Egg
The Hard-Ons

Peel Me Like A Egg

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1. Burning Up On Re-Entry
2. Shadow Self
3. With Structure, With Stress
4. Close To The Ground
5. Held My Hand Out & Caught The Drops
6. Clumsy Little Daf I Am
7. Darth Vader Pretends
8. Sweatin On The Beat
9. We Just Ripped Off Paul Mccartney
10. Those Hard To Get Spots
11. If I Were You I'd Hit The Deck
12. Peel Me Like An Egg
13. Ain't Got No Guardian Angel

Originally released: 29 September, 2014
Band Members: Peter Black, Ray Ahn, Murray Ruse, Keish de Sliva
Label: Impedance Records

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