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Put Your Records On : Yawning Man

Jeb Taylor

We ask a wide range of people to talk us through five records that are their soundtrack. Kicking it off are California's Yawning Man who are in Wollongong this week to play La La Las on August 23rd. Gary took some time out to let you know about five records that have been important to him.

Your first album. It can be the first record/cd/tape you bought, first album you downloaded or just the first album you remember hearing that stuck with you.

The Minute Men - the Punchline

The album that changed your musical outlook. It can be your most influential, an album that led you down a certain path, any record that had a big and long-lasting impact on you.

Discharge - Never Again

An album that you love but is not as widely known as it should be.

GONE - Gone

The record that drew you in with it’s visuals. It can be the cover art, a press pic of the band that made you take notice, ect.

Discharge - Never Again

The album you are currently loving the most at the moment.

Dead Meadow - The Nothing They Need


Hear some of the highlights from each of these releases in the playlist below:


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