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Put Your Records On : Shining Bird

Jeb Taylor

Shining Bird recently returned with a great new single 'Out Of The Black', the first taste of album number four that is due next year via Spunk Records. Russell Webster from the band, joined us for Put Your Records On.

Your first album. It can be the first record/cd/tape you bought, first album you downloaded or just the first album you remember hearing that stuck with you.

There were others I remember buying, but the one that stands out was DJ Shadows Endtroducing. To this day it just sounds so singular, mysterious and soulful. I’m not sure where my tastes would have landed if I didn’t hear this at such a young and formative age.

The album that changed your musical outlook. It can be your most influential, an album that led you down a certain path, any record that had a big and long-lasting impact on you.

Probably one of Neil Young’s albums, maybe even Harvest or After the Gold rush. That was a turning point from being someone who “ doesn’t even notice the lyrics” and mostly listening to instrumental stuff to wanting to write songs with words.

An album that you love but is not as widely known as it should be.

I think anything Jordan Ireland has done post Middle East would fit that description. The vocals are often low so I feel like I missed how good the songs were the first few times around. But there’s something about them that’s hard to describe. It’s a feeling or a place he evokes that stirs up a whole world of memories for me.

The record that drew you in with its visuals. It can be the cover art, a press pic of the band that made you take notice, ect.

Dennis Wilson’s “ Pacific Ocean Blue”. Just a portrait photo of Dennis looking so far from the Beach Boys days. It just seems so solitary and free.

The album you are currently loving the most at the moment.

Currently listening to Stars Of The Lid “ And Their Refinement Of The Decline” after Brian Mc Brides passing recently. I listen to it before bed most nights.

Listen to the new Shining Bird single 'Out Of The Black'.


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