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Put Your Records On : Jacob The Rock Band

Jeb Taylor

Locals Jacob recently released their album 'The Rock Band' via Resist Records and they have shared with us five albums that were the closest reference points for how they wanted ‘The Rock Band’ to sound as well as staples that are always on rotation.

Fall Out Boy - From Under The Cork Tree (2005)
It’s no secret that Jacob love FOB. In fact, we still use the Pete Wentz signature bass at our live shows. This album in particular really expanded on that ‘balls to the wall’ pop punk sound on ‘Take This To Your Grave’. It still has the big vocal hooks and high energy of the previous release but the extra instrumentation in the songs and the huge vibe changes between songs were big cues that we took in writing ‘The Rock Band’. Plus, the guitars sound fucking mental. We spent a bit of time trying to dial those kinds of tones in.

Say Anything - …is a Real Boy (2005)
This album has always been a staple for Jacob. Much like the FOB album we mentioned before, this one really captures a time in the scene when lyrics were so overdramatic that you can’t tell if they’re taking the piss or not. In the case of Max Bemis, that’s kinda always true. So, the most important things on this record that informed our own writing were the energy of the songs and the tongue in cheek style of the lyrics.

Two Tongues - ST (2009)
I had never met anyone else that was as obsessed with this release as I was, until I met Andrew. This album has always been a big influence on the band. If you’re not familiar with this record and you like Jacob, I strongly advise that you to listen. You will certainly hear the influence. We ended up booking the engineer on this album, Marc ‘JACOB’ Hudson to work on mixing ‘The Rock Band’.


Lifetime - Lifetime (2007)
As you can tell, we don’t listen to music released after 2010. This album is a big one for me. Usually, comeback albums don’t measure up the same but this album is a huge exception. This album GOES! Even though it feels a lot like a hardcore album, the pop sensibilities can’t be denied. I’m a huge fan of the vocal delivery and phrasing. You can barely understand what’s being said but the rhythm and emphasis of the words have always stuck with me. Plus it’s a great album for people with short attention spans like us.

Motion City Soundtrack - I Am The Movie (2003)
Justin Pierre has always been a big influence on my own vocal style. It’s really amazing how his melodies seem so effortless but are still so unconventional in their phrasing and delivery. Plus the lyrics are always full of geek shit, which I’m super into. Even though the album is full of hits, every song has its own unique feel. I wouldn’t say any two songs sound similar, but it still plays all the way through so seamlessly; something we often thought about on this album.

Jacob ‘The Rock Band’ is out now!

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