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Record Store Day, New Hockey Dad, Second Hand Selections & A Playlist

Jeb Taylor

Last Friday the Record Store Day release lists were announced for 2024, these were the UK and US lists with the Australian list still to come. It’s a day that polarises vinyl fans, but it’s always been a great day for us at Music Farmers (this weeks feature image is from RSD 2018) and we definitely like to support the idea behind it. While exclusive releases and the pricing around some of them has got out of control, there are still plenty of great RSD releases at standard price. At the heart of it though, the day should be about interacting with your local record store who are generally independently run businesses that support local music communities. If you are one of the collectors that loves the RSD exclusive releases, you can check out the list at Let us know if there are any particular releases you are after and we’ll see if we can get hold of them for you.

Yesterday saw the release of the second single from the forthcoming Hockey Dad album, it’s called 'Base Camp' and it’s out everywhere now. There is a lot more news coming from the band next week but in the meantime, give the new single a listen and check the great clip shot locally around Port Kembla.

Last week we acquired one of the best second-hand selections we’ve ever got in the store, especially if you are a rock and punk fan, but there is also some great hip hop and funk. At the moment it’s just in store only as we like to give our local regulars first crack at it but we’ll be getting some of the rarities up on-line soon. Below are a few of my personal picks from the collection, all available in store now and ones that don’t come up often. Starting with the Off 4x 7” box set, the band’s debut release and one of the best pure punk releases this century. Next up is the early Rollins Band album 'Life Time', this was a big teenage record for me. The Ramones eighties output is sometimes overlooked but there are a lot of great records from this period and 'Too Tough To Die' is one of them. Last but certainly not least is 'Party Animals' from Norwegian punk freaks Turbonegro, a great record that is very hard to find on vinyl!

I have an ongoing playlist called Jeb’s Now Playing that features fifty tracks currently on my rotation list, it is mainly new tunes with a few other older tracks that have re entered my orbit or that I have discovered for the first time. Give it a follow as it is updated weekly.

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