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A Playlist feature

Jeb Taylor

This week, I’m highlighting some of my playlists, a couple I update regularly and a few that are archival. The regularly updated ones are generally focused around new music where the archival ones feature music from the past, with this week a focus on the nineties as I’ll be doing a nineties only DJ set this Friday night at Howlin Wolf in Wollongong from 8pm, til midnight.

Kicking off though is my Now Playing playlist, it features mainly new music across all genre’s and occasionally will include some older music that has re-entered my orbit either via a reissue or tour. This is updated each Friday so make sure you are following it.

Next up is Hits From The Gong : New Music, a playlist featuring the best new tunes from the local area. For the purpose of this playlist I call the local area as Helensburgh in the north to Gerroa in the south and feature artists that are either based or were formed in this area. This is updated regularly so make sure you follow it to hear the best new music from my hometown.

Heading into the nineties and Before Somewhere : Australian Post Rock & Outsider Pop 1990 – 2000 is a playlist I put together that features a lot of Australian artists that were hugely influential to me in my younger years, you can hear great tunes from Died Pretty, Bluebottle Kiss, Big Heavy Stuff, Not From There and more in a nice compact playlist that runs just over an hour.

Along similar lines to above is Before Somewhere : Australian Shoegaze, Slowcore, Jangle & Dream Pop : 1990 – 2000, again featuring a lot of bands that were highly influential to me in my formative years, this play lists features artists such as Falling Joys, Underground Lovers, The Clouds, Deadstar and more across it.

The final list I’m featuring is Work It, an continually updated playlist of artists I currently or previously have worked with either as label, management or publishing. Not everyone I have worked with is on streaming but this is a fairly extensive list in vaguely chronological order.

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