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Put Your Records On : Richie Weed

Nick Irwin

Tumbleweed are back to play their first and only show this year at Crowbar in Sydney this Saturday. Richie has also been working away at a solo album and he took some time out to answer our Put Your Record On questions.

Your first record

The First record I ever bought with my own pocket money was Adam and the Ants “Kings of the Wild Frontier” I was a big fan, the tribal drums and chants resonated with me.

The album that changed your musical outlook

Stooges – first album, its so raw and real, its affect was immediate, I remember the first time I heard it over a friends place, we were just starting a band and learning all the songs, it became the foundation stone for everything from that moment on.

Along with “Its Alive” by Ramones


An Album that you love but is not widely known as it should be

I really love Bridezillas first album The first dance, I think it’s an Australian classic, but no one knows it

The record that drew you in with it’s visuals

Velvet Underground and Nico – Andy Warhol

The album you are currently loving the most at the moment

“Once we were trees” Beachwood sparks

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