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Put Your Records On : Dozer

Nick Irwin

Swedish stoner rock legends Dozer are heading to Australia soon, Tommi Holappa from the band took some time out to let you know about five of his favourite records.

Your first album
My first album that I got was The Muppet Show 2 soundtrack, my parents bought it for me. The first album I bought with my own money was Love Gun with KISS. This was way before Cd’s and downloading so it’s all on vinyl.


The album that changed your musical outlook. It can be your most influential, an album that led you down a certain path, any record that had a big and long-lasting impact on you.
This is easy! It’s Sky Valley with KYUSS! It blew me away first time I heard it! This album is one of the reasons we started Dozer back in 1995. This is when we learned that you can tune down your guitars to C.

An album that you love but is not as widely known as it should be.
There are a lot of those albums, Especially if you start digging into 70’s Rock. Lately I have been listening a lot to a Swedish band called Kvartetten Som Sprängde and their one and only album Kattvals.
Their song ”Gånglåt Från Valhallavägen” is just a master piece!

The record that drew you in with its visuals. It can be the cover art, a press pic of the band that made you take notice, ect.
It was Mars Volta’s Deloused In The Comatorium. I saw that album in the local record store when It came out and I was so drawn to the artwork so I had to buy it.
And it was a good buy, I still love the album!

The album you are currently loving the most at the moment.
The older you get the harder it’s to get impressed by new music, hahaha! But The Hives really surprised me with their new album The Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons.
It has a great production and lots more energy than I thought it would!
Catch Dozer live in Australia this November.

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